About Friends of Walerian Borowczyk
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About us

Friends of Walerian Borowczyk is a cultural, non-profit organization (“Association culturelle” under France’s 1901 law). It was registered on 02/03/2015 in the Prefecture of Paris with the number W751228382. 


To present, preserve and promote the works of the artist Walerian Borowczyk (Poland 1923- France 2006).


To make available to the public both resources and research concerning Walerian Borowczyk’s life and work. This includes archival research, critical texts and interviews with the artist’s associates.

The website www.walerianborowczyk.com is to be used as a resource for anyone interested in Borowczyk.


To ensure that Borowczyk’s films and art works are preserved, restored and that the authors’ rights are not infringed and or his work misused.


To make Borowczyk’s films and art works available to both general and specialised audiences, organize events, talks, film seasons, co-operate with institutions, distribution companies as well as individuals.

Board members

Friends of Walerian Borowczyk was established in accordance with the will of Ligia Borowczyk (the artist’s widow) by three people:

Dominique Duvergé-Ségrétin

A long-time partner of Borowczyk in film production, as well as a close friend of him. For several decades she has managed the rights to many of his short films and several of his features.

Daniel Bird

A writer, filmmaker and programmer who has produced several restorations and DVD/Blu-ray editions of Borowczyk’s films.

Abel Ségrétin

A book publisher and journalist based in Paris, who is Borowczyk’s godson and big fan, now facilitating the promotion of the artist’s work.

Become a member

Are you a friend of Walerian Borowczyk ?
Are you interested in his work ?
Would you like to share your views about his work ?

You can subscribe to a newsletter by sending an email to us.

If you wish to join the Association, basic membership costs 15 Euros, which includes the newsletter of the Association, an invitation to an annual general assembly meeting, and entitlement to vote in matters concerning the organisation. You can also donate money, or any item relating to the artist.

Please send us an email at:



Friends of Walerian Borowczyk

5 cité Bauer, 75014 Paris France.


Abel Ségrétin [France] +33 6 30 98 30 17