Rewarded FeelingPoland 1957 - Friends of Walerian Borowczyk
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Rewarded Feeling
Poland 1957

Short films
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Poland 1957, “Nagrodzone uczucie” (original title), 8 min, colour, no dialogues dir Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica sc Walerian Borowczyk, Jan Lenica cam Edward Bryła ed Krystyna Rutkowska mus Orkiestra Dęta Gazowni Miejskiej w Warszawie sound Halina Paszkowska pc Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych sales Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych source Filmoteka Narodowa

Borowczyk and Lenica’s second collaboration is a politically correct romance told through the paintings of Jan Płaskociński. Playful, witty and ironic, Rewarded Feelings is augmented by a rousing score courtesy of the Warsaw Gasworks Brass orchestra – a detail which caught the attention of the young Jean-Luc Godard, then a critic casting a critical eye over the short films on offer at the Tours Film Festival. Not only is the film a testament to both Borowczyk and Lenica’s economy of means (something that Borowczyk’s would hone in his masterpiece, Angels’ Games, 1964) but it also highlights the former’s interest in naif painting and folk art.